The third round with volume procurement details outflow: the year to start, the national release, a number of winning bids.

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The third round with quantity procurement details outflow: start within the year, the national volume, a number of bid ...... (4 7 for the first round, expand the second round, the upcoming third round)
Negotiations are expected to begin within the year.
At 2: 00 p.m. on December 6, the Joint Procurement Office held a "Symposium on Centralized Drug Procurement" in Shanghai ". According to feedback from insiders, the new round of volume purchases is 35, which is consistent with the number of products that have been raided in Henan, Hunan, and Guangxi. The negotiation and bargaining work is expected to start within two months.
Information from the venue shows that products purchased with quantity will pass the consistency evaluation before October 31, 2019, and more than three (including original research) varieties will be screened. This release is more, and public medical institutions in 32 regions of the country will participate.
The rapid development of the third round of band procurement has been preceded by a warning. On November 29, a "Notice on Submitting Relevant Procurement Data on Expanding the Scope of Centralized Procurement and Use of Drug Varieties by State Organizations" was circulated in the industry, requiring all provinces to report the procurement volume of 35 varieties in 2018 and before October 31, 2019.
On November 30, the medical insurance bureaus of Henan, Hunan, and Guangxi issued a document requesting the start of the actual purchase volume reporting of 35 products purchased with volume, confirming the information that 35 drugs are about to start purchasing with volume.
▍ Many won the bid, low price first selected province
The Shanghai meeting, the third round of volume procurement in addition to the variety of more details surfaced. It is reported that the bidding mechanism is 2 out of 3 bids, 4 out of 5 bids, and up to 6 bids.
Previously, the industry has called for, with the same product regulations over the evaluation of the number of drugs more and more, with the volume of procurement rules are also adjusted accordingly. It is reported that this rule, if a single standard is set, it corresponds to 50% of the usage of public hospitals nationwide, 60% for two, 70% for three, and 80% for more than four.
According to the analysis of Cyberland by some people in the industry, even if multiple winning bids will not divide the usage equally, but the amount allocated according to the price will vary, and there may be incentives to give priority to regions to stimulate enterprises to quote, that is to say, the province that wins the bid at a low price will be selected first.
▍ Determination, 35 drug collection
The meeting in Shanghai was attended by relevant personnel from 120 pharmaceutical companies involving 35 drugs. At the same time, according to the information flowing out of the meeting, it can be determined that the 35 drugs previously required to be reported will be collected. The national collection industry is concerned, in fact, local belt volume procurement has also begun. (35 varieties see annex at the end of the text)
Cypress Blue once analyzed in the report that the over-evaluated drugs are purchased in a state-led way, while the over-evaluated generic drugs are purchased in a local version of 47 bands by the provincial health insurance bureau, which will quickly squeeze out the price of generic drugs. The future of the generic drug market will be low-end generic drugs and high-end generic drugs coexist, but low-end generic drug profits are extremely low situation.
The so-called low-end generic drugs test is the production capacity of enterprises, high-end generic drugs mainly rely on technology to settle down, in a round of volume procurement, the state to implement the overall concept of the cage for birds, in the low-end generic drugs to save out of the medical insurance funds, and gradually turn to support high-end generic drugs and innovative drugs.