Peak pharmaceutical Xinjiang, Guangxi bidding success

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In 2009, pharmaceutical bidding in various provinces has been launched one after another. In mid-May and late May, Xinjiang and Guangxi, the two autonomous regions that were the first to conduct unified bidding across the province, successively announced the bidding results. The products of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. won the bid in good condition.
The first batch of bid-winning results for Xinjiang's drug bidding were announced on May 14. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. reported 27 varieties and specifications, including 25 product specifications including paroxetine, Yufengningxin dripping pills, Liside, sodium hyaluronate eye drops and other key profit-making varieties. Not only was the bid-winning rate high, but the bid-winning price was also relatively ideal. Guangxi's winning bid results were announced on May 27, and Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's products also achieved good results.
According to Chen Daiyou, deputy general manager of the pharmaceutical sales company, the good bidding results were achieved because a lot of targeted work was done in the bidding process of more than two months. In the early stage of bidding, carefully interpret the detailed rules for the implementation of the bidding, formulate bidding strategies in a targeted manner, have companies uniformly produce bidding materials, uniformly manage the user name and password of the online procurement management platform, and uniformly maintain online enterprise information and product information; Carefully analyze the historical bid-winning price analysis related to the quotation varieties, including the original bid-winning information of relevant provinces and regions in the province, the sales area, business department and company management respectively highlight the quotation suggestions, then analyze the price information of other manufacturers, and determine the final quotation after many discussions. Collect and sort out all kinds of dynamic information of this bidding in time, analyze relevant data of competitors, and strive to enter a favorable bidding group by taking advantage of the advantages of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's "Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises" and "Quality Standard Drafting Unit, lay a good foundation for winning the bid for the product; after the announcement of the benchmark price and the shortlisted price, as well as in the case of unreasonable pricing Secondary specialized school the bargaining process, timely use of the enterprise's right of appeal to strive for a more reasonable and favorable price.
The bidding results in Xinjiang have been implemented since June. As the preliminary work such as customer development and market layout has been fully done, the bidding results have been quickly reflected, and the shipment volume in June has exceeded the sum of the previous five months. The bidding results in Guangxi will be implemented from July 1. At present, the selection of distribution units is under way, and the sales volume has not changed for the time being. Pharmaceutical sales companies require relevant sales personnel to make use of the key period before the implementation of the bidding results to do a good job in the maintenance of old customers, the development of new customers and the layout of sales network, so as to lay a good foundation for future sales volume. It is understood that with the end of bidding in Xinjiang and Guangxi, drug bidding in other provinces has also been launched one after another. At present, Inner Mongolia and Guangdong provinces have entered the substantive bidding stage, and Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hunan and other provinces will also start bidding in the near future.