Peak Pharmaceutical Won Many Honors in Tangxi Town

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On the morning of February 10, Tangxi Town held a 2023 work conference to commend various advances in 2022. With its outstanding performance, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company won many honors such as "Enterprise with Tax Payment Excepting 10 Million Yuan", "Top Ten Industrial Enterprises" and "Advanced Enterprise in Safe Production" in 2022. It is the only pharmaceutical enterprise in Tangxi Town that combines three honors.

    2Month10On the morning of the 8th, Tangxi Town held a meeting2023Annual Work Conference, on2022The year's various advanced recognition, peak pharmaceutical company with outstanding performance, won.2022In the year, Tangxi Town has many honors such as "Enterprises with a tax payment of more than 10 million yuan", "Top Ten Industrial Enterprises", and "Advanced Safety Production Enterprises". It is the only pharmaceutical company in Tangxi Town that combines three honors.

    At the meeting, Zheng Kunwu, manager of the production department of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, spoke on behalf of advanced enterprises. He said, standing2023At the new starting point of the year, facing the new situation, aiming at new goals, and meeting new challenges, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will focus on quality and efficiency, adhere to high-quality development and safe development, and work together with government and enterprises to overcome the production and operation process. Various difficulties in the company have created more brilliant performance.