Chen Fengqi, head of jindong district, went to the pharmaceutical company to investigate.

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On March 7, Chen Fengqi, the mayor of Jindong District, led the heads of relevant departments such as the District Statistics Bureau, the Commercial and Trade Office, the China Merchants Bureau, the Market Supervision Bureau, the New Town Key Office, and Duohu Street to the Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company to investigate and discuss JindongDuohu. Discuss the relevant policies and compensation methods for the relocation of the Central Business District.

Wu Weisheng, general manager of the pharmaceutical company, and Yuan Jie, secretary of the general party branch, attended the discussion. The construction of Jinhua Jindongdohu Central Business District is an important part of Jinhua's urban development. The municipal pharmaceutical company needs to relocate as a whole within the specified time within the scope of the relocation plan of the Duohu Business District. Wu Weisheng introduced the basic situation of pharmaceutical companies, analyzed the current situation facing the pharmaceutical industry, and also put forward the problems and needs that may exist in the relocation process. He said that as a socially responsible enterprise, the pharmaceutical company will fully support Jinhua's urban construction, and hopes that the government can help in normal operation and support policies.

District Mayor Chen Fengqi said that as a key enterprise and a major taxpayer in Jindong District, the district government will provide strong support and preferential policies in land replacement and other aspects to try its best to reduce the impact on enterprises and ensure the normal operation of business activities. Whether it is the relevant national policy adjustments or the land acquisition and relocation of the Duohu Business District, it is both a challenge and an opportunity for the city's pharmaceutical companies. He hopes that the pharmaceutical companies will conduct a comprehensive review and come up with specific plans. Within the scope, the district government will definitely give strong support.