The first pharmaceutical company to talk about safety

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On the afternoon of January 23, Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company held the first meeting of the New Year, namely the 2017 Safety Work Conference. This is the embodiment of the idea that the pharmaceutical company insists on safety first and puts safety first in all work.

At the meeting, Yuan Jie, secretary of the general party branch of the pharmaceutical company, conveyed the spirit of the safety work conference of the pharmaceutical company, requiring everyone to fully understand and convey and implement the safety work into all kinds of business work, so as to ensure the orderly development of the pharmaceutical company as a whole. Wu Weisheng, general manager of the pharmaceutical company, summarized the safety work in the past year and deployed the safety work in the new year. In 2016, the pharmaceutical company organized itself or together with the superior competent department, conducted a total of 35 safety inspections, found 116 potential safety hazards, organized timely rectification, conducted 3 fire drills, established a mini fire station, equipped with various fire fighting equipment, renovated some fire fighting pipe networks in the warehouse, and completed the annual safety target. In 2017, due to personnel changes, the members of the comprehensive management committee and safety committee of pharmaceutical companies were adjusted. Wu Weisheng asked everyone to carry out their work seriously, starting with water, electricity, theft prevention, transportation and other aspects, not only to ensure the safety of employees' lives and property, but also to be responsible for the quality and safety of the drugs they operate.