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1On the morning of January 21, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company held a 2016 annual summary commendation meeting to summarize the work of the past year, commend the outstanding collectives and individuals of the pharmaceutical company in 2016, and put forward the work ideas for the new year.

Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, Qin Xuping, chairman of the trade union of the group company, and leaders of the pharmaceutical company, in order to obtain the 2016 of the pharmaceutical companyAnnual advanced collective and individual awards. Liu Dan, Wang Fen, Qiu Xiongfei and Zhang Wenying spoke at the meeting on behalf of advanced collectives, outstanding management workers, outstanding salesmen and outstanding employees in 2016.

2016A series of new policies on pharmaceutical management were introduced in the year, and industry integration accelerated. Pharmaceutical companies in accordance with the "strong management, internal potential to increase efficiency; seize opportunities, external integration for development" business ideas, and achieved good business performance. At the meeting, Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, on behalf of the management team of the pharmaceutical company, reviewed the 2016 from the aspects of the completion of economic indicators, marketing work and market expansion, production quality and certification inspection, technical research and project declaration, standardized management and personnel training, foreign cooperation, and the work of the party and industrial group.The main work in 2017 analyzed the industry situation and policies in 2017. He pointed out that 2017 is a key year for comprehensively deepening reforms and advancing in depth. Various medical reform policies will be fully implemented, which will surely bring new challenges and opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical company will take "innovative development and standardized operation" as the main line to carry out all kinds of work in a down-to-earth manner. At the meeting, he made arrangements for the key work in 2017.

On behalf of the group company, Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng congratulated the advanced collectives and individuals who were commended, thanked all the employees of the pharmaceutical company for their efforts in the past year, and expressed his gratitude to the 2017 of the pharmaceutical company.Year of work is required. He asked pharmaceutical companies to take the initiative to seize the opportunities of the new round of bidding, the implementation of the "two-vote system", consistency evaluation, exchange rate adjustment, etc., to speed up the progress of various tasks, take advantage of the situation, and improve efficiency; targeted improvement of management Status quo, improve management efficiency and the quality of management personnel, establish the concept of marketing first responsibility, make up for shortcomings as soon as possible, and fully complete various tasks in 2017.

At the meeting, on behalf of the pharmaceutical company, golden dragon signed a new year's economic target responsibility system with the heads of subordinate enterprises and departments.