Pharmaceutical Company Passing Periodic Acceptance of Cleaner Production Audit

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On December 28, 2016, Jinhua Economic and Information Commission and Environmental Protection Bureau organized relevant personnel to conduct a cleaner production site audit of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company, and held a phased acceptance meeting for cleaner production audit. In accordance with the cleaner production audit procedures, after nearly a year of hard work, the pharmaceutical company completed the second round of cleaner production audit as scheduled, and passed the phased acceptance of this round of cleaner production audit.

At the meeting, Pang Xiong, production director of the pharmaceutical company, reported on the development of cleaner production in this round. Jinhua Lansen Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the cleaner production audit report of the pharmaceutical company. The inspection team inspected the site and after careful discussion, it was believed that Jianfeng Pharmaceutical had done a lot of work in energy conservation and emission reduction in the second round of cleaner production audit, and achieved obvious environmental and economic benefits. In this round of cleaner production, 23 non-low-cost cleaner production plans and 6 medium-high-cost cleaner production plans have been put forward, all of which have been implemented and have reached the goal of this round of cleaner production audit. The text of the audit report provided is complete and in-depth in line with the specified requirements. According to the Zhejiang clean production audit acceptance standard, the participating experts reviewed and scored, and agreed that Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. passed the phased acceptance of this round of clean production audit.

After passing the cleaner production acceptance, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will further tap the potential of energy saving and consumption reduction, saving raw and auxiliary materials, and lay a solid foundation for the next step of applying for green enterprise work. (Zhu Xiaojing)