Peak Pharmaceutical Factory Elects First Party Branch Committee

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11Month13On the afternoon of the 15th, the party branch of the peak pharmaceutical factory held a general meeting of all party members to elect the first party branch members.

After the merger of Jinxi and Qiubin Pharmaceutical Factory, with the approval of the Party Committee of the Pharmaceutical Company, the original two branches also merged to form the Party branch of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory. In accordance with regulations, party members elected Dai Jinxiao, Zheng Kunwu, and Zhang Dongdong as members of the first branch through secret ballot and differential election. The first meeting of the first branch committee subsequently elected Dai Jinxiao as the party branch secretary, Zheng Kunwu as the propaganda committee member, and Zhang Dongdong as the organization committee member.

Jin Huazhong, Secretary of the Party committee of the pharmaceutical company, attended the meeting. He hoped that the branch of Jianfeng pharmaceutical factory would strengthen its study, give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as a fighting fortress, make production and operation better, keep pace with the times and make new contributions in the new era, new journey and new starting point. At the same time, he asked all party members to earnestly study the "two books and one chapter", always remember that they are party members, and give better play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical.