Spike Pharmaceutical passed the certification of intellectual property management system.

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Recently, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company received the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification Certificate" issued by China Regulation (Beijing) Certification Company, which is valid for three years.
Enterprise intellectual property management system refers to putting intellectual property on the strategic level of enterprise management, from the enterprise intellectual property management concept, management organization, management mode, management personnel, management system and other aspects as a whole, define and strive to realize the enterprise intellectual property mission of the system engineering, with systematic, professional, diversity and other characteristics. Since the pharmaceutical company fully introduced the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard" GB/T29490-2013 in June 2015, it has insisted on taking "intellectual property helps enterprise development and scientific and technological innovation creates a century-old peak" as the enterprise intellectual property policy, organized relevant training and learning for many times, and worked closely with various departments and subordinate enterprises to introduce the awareness and elements of intellectual property management into all aspects of daily work, really do the leadership attention, full participation. The relevant person in charge of the pharmaceutical company said that corporate intellectual property management is an overall system. As a subsystem of corporate management, it runs through the entire links of corporate research and development, production, procurement, sales, import and export, involving all aspects of the company and every employee. Therefore, the most direct benefit of the establishment of an intellectual property management system is that it can better protect its own intellectual property rights and prevent others from infringing; respect other people's intellectual property rights and not infringe on other people's intellectual property rights, so that the level of enterprise management can be improved. At the same time, the enterprise intellectual property management system serves the business objectives of the enterprise, and the enterprise intellectual property management system should be unified with the strategic thinking of the enterprise. Only by serving the business objectives of enterprises, the intellectual property management system can not lose its sense of direction, and enterprises can gain value from intellectual property management, which in turn further promotes the continuous development of intellectual property rights. The acquisition of the intellectual property management system certification has laid a solid foundation for the future review of high-tech enterprises in Jianfeng Pharmaceutical and the review of patent demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province.