Pharmaceutical companies organize "two studies and one job" to preach

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On June 24, the party Committee of the pharmaceutical company organized all party members to attend a party class to preach the "two studies and one practice" learning and education.
The party class was delivered by Huang Jinlong, member of the party committee of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, with the theme of "consciously practicing" two learning and one doing "to promote the sound and rapid development of the enterprise, what is the educational object and purpose of" two learning and one doing "and" two learning and one doing ", the basic requirements of learning and education, how to learn the party constitution and party rules and series of speeches, how to be a qualified party member, and the five problems to be solved in learning and education. He pointed out that all party members should enhance their understanding, earnestly enhance their sense of political responsibility and consciousness in carrying out "two learning and one doing" learning and education, and deeply understand that "two learning and one doing" education is an important political task of strictly administering the party, a realistic demand for solving outstanding problems, and an important guarantee for serving the new normal and boosting the new normal; strict standards, We should do a good job in the key links of "two learning and one doing, it is necessary to highlight normal, regular education, highlight problem orientation, and adhere to" two hands, two promotion "; the development of enterprises requires party members and cadres to" work in practice, dare to take responsibility; walk in the forefront and set an example ".
Combined with the actual development of pharmaceutical companies, Golden Dragon requires party members and cadres to do five things: earnestly carry out the "three reductions and three improvements" activities to achieve results; strictly implement the internal control system to reduce business risks; focus on strengthening quality, safety, and environmental protection Management to ensure the healthy operation of the enterprise; accelerate the reorganization of the enterprise, seize the opportunity, and rapidly expand the scale of the enterprise; sort out the correct concept of talents, cultivate and select useful talents. He hoped that all party members will carry forward the fine traditions, keep their mission in mind, be down-to-earth, work diligently, and organically integrate the "two studies and one doing" learning and education activities with production and business work to promote each other.
The party class was presided over by Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party committee of the pharmaceutical company, and attended by all party members of the pharmaceutical company. Jin Huazhong said that "two studies and one doing" is an important aspect of Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic layout for strictly governing the party. Learning "two studies and one doing" cannot engage in formalism, and all party members must be truly baptized by the soul. He asked party branches at all levels of pharmaceutical companies to innovate learning methods, party members and cadres to take the lead in demonstrating, and all party members to keep up with the pace, and learn the "two studies and one doing" to achieve results and set an example.