General Election of Party Branch of Pharmaceutical Sales Company

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On the afternoon of May 4, the Party branch of the pharmaceutical sales company held a meeting of all Party members and elected a new branch committee.
The 14 party members of the party branch of the pharmaceutical sales company, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China and the Interim Regulations on the Election of Grass-roots Organizations of the Communist Party of China, after counting the number of party members, confirming the voting rights of party members, publishing the list of candidates, voting, and invoicing A series of strict procedures such as counting votes have successfully completed the general election of the branch and formed a new branch committee. The new branch committee is composed of Xu Junxiong, He Songqin and Zhang Zhengbo.
Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party committee of the Pharmaceutical Company, attended the meeting. He expressed his gratitude for the work done by the previous party branch committee and congratulated the emergence of the new party branch committee. He said that the sales company is a very important department, shouldering a heavy burden and making many contributions to the development of pharmaceutical companies. He asked the new party branch members to earnestly do a good job in the "two studies and one doing" activities; carry out party building work around the overall situation of the center, integrate party building work into the work, and infiltrate every business; strengthen party branch building and give full play to party members The vanguard and exemplary role is to pay more attention to the thinking and work dynamics of each salesman. At the same time, he hopes that each party member can strengthen his own study, ask himself according to the standards of party members, and become a talent with good ideological quality and professional ability.