Akohama Factory Staff Panan One-day Tour

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In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees, on may 14, the trade union of qiubin factory organized the employees to visit the wulongxia and Huaxi scenic spots in pan 'an.
Pan'an Wulong Gorge Scenic Area is a part of the Grand Canyon in Central Zhejiang. It integrates tourism, health preservation and leisure. It is one of the most functional scenic spots in Zhejiang Province. The employees were in the Grand Canyon, watching the beautiful waterfalls, large and small, and enjoying the infinite scenery of nature. Later, the employees went to the "kilometer flat long stream" in Huaxi to experience the fun of playing in the water as a child and enjoyed their body and mind.
Employees stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and breathe fresh air in the green mountains and green waters. While enjoying the joy and relaxation of travel, they enhance the understanding between employees and the cohesion of the team, and also feel the warmth and affection of the collective.