Tug-of-war competition for employees of pharmaceutical companies

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In order to celebrate May Day, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, promote exchanges and cooperation among employees, carry forward team spirit and enhance the cohesion of enterprises, the trade union of pharmaceutical companies held a tug-of-war competition for employees on May 12.
The game officially started under the whistle of Chairman Chen Daiyou. Under the cheering and cheering of the cheerleaders, the players tried their best, clenched their teeth and pulled back desperately. The rope was saw on the left and right. The players were working hard. Cheering, the atmosphere of the game pushed to the climax. After fierce competition, the final warehousing team won the championship.
The tug-of-war competition showed the spirit of the employees who did not retreat, clenched their teeth, and persisted to the end, and enhanced the company's cohesion and centripetal force.