Union of Group Company Organize Rope Skipping Competition

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"... 12, 13, 14..." "Come on!" On the morning of May 22, the canteen of Qiubin Pharmaceutical Factory was crowded with cheers and shouts one after another, and the scene was very lively. In order to enrich the cultural and sports life of employees, promote their physical and mental health and the construction of a harmonious enterprise, the trade union of the group company organized employees to carry out rope skipping competitions.
This competition is divided into two events: single jump and collective jump. Employees of the group headquarters and subordinate enterprises in Jin actively signed up to participate. In the single competition, the contestants worked hard and showed their elegant demeanor; in the group competition, the members of each group worked together and cooperated; outside the competition field, the audience was also driven by the atmosphere of the competition, shouting and cheering. After fierce competition, Qiubin Pharmaceutical Factory won the first place in the collective jump project, Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory and the first team of the pharmaceutical company headquarters won the second and third places respectively. Zhan Guoying, the headquarters of the group company, won the first place in the single jump project, Jin Jie of Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory was second, Li Hanbin of Qiubin Pharmaceutical Factory and Zhu Wencheng of International Trading Company were tied for third place, and Ni Lanjin and Yang Guofei of municipal pharmaceutical companies were fourth and fifth respectively. The group union awarded certificates and prizes to the winners.
This activity not only demonstrated the positive and hard-working spirit of the employees, but also enhanced the teamwork and cohesion of the employees.