The company asked to seriously carry out the "safe production month" activities

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June is the national "safe production month". on may 19, the group company issued a notice requiring all subordinate units to earnestly do a good job in the "safe production month. On May 24 and 25, during the safety inspection organized by the safety committee of the group company, Chen Tianci, assistant to the general manager of the group company and manager of the audit performance management department, put forward further requirements for production safety.
The theme of this year's "Safety Production Month" is "Strengthening the concept of safety development and improving the safety quality of the whole people". The company requires all units to adhere to the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management". According to the actual situation of the enterprise, formulate various forms of publicity and education activity plans, designate special personnel to be responsible, earnestly implement and achieve actual results.
The main content of the company's "Safety Production Month" activities this year includes carrying out safety production publicity activities by hanging safety month logo publicity banners, posting posters and other forms to create a safety production atmosphere; in-depth development of safety laws and regulations and safety production knowledge for employees Training, so that employees have knowledge of safety production, occupational disease prevention and the ability to avoid danger; continue to seriously carry out self-inspection activities of safety violations and safety hazards, strengthen the guidance of employees, identify the potential safety hazards raised by employees one by one, and implement specific rectification measures; organize a safety production inspection led by the main person in charge, focus on the investigation and punishment of on-site violations and the rectification of potential safety hazards raised by employees, and timely rectify the potential safety hazards found; Organize emergency plan drills for production safety accidents by workshop (department).
During the safety inspection on the 24th and 25th, the inspection team inspected the safety production work of each subordinate unit and the self-inspection of employees' safety violations, and put forward rectification requirements for the safety problems on the production site. Chen Tianci understood the arrangement of the "safe production month" activities of his subordinate units. He requested that all units should conscientiously carry out the safe production month activities according to the notice issued by the group company, take the safe production month as an opportunity, further strengthen the self-examination and self-correction of safety violations, strive to do a good job in safety and environmental protection work in a comprehensive and no dead ends, and provide employees with better safety conditions and more protection measures.