Group Party Committee Announces "Two Studies and One Doing"

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On May 23, the Party Committee of the Group Company held a "two studies and one doing" learning and education seminar. Jiang Xiaomeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, gave a lecture on the interpretation of the connotation of "two studies and one doing" and put forward learning and work requirements for Party members and cadres in combination with the current situation of the enterprise. The 2016 Party Building Target Responsibility Letter was also signed at the meeting.
In the light of the spirit of the circular issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee on carrying out the study and education program of "learning the Party Constitution and Party rules, learning a series of speeches, and becoming qualified party members" among all party members, jiang Xiaomeng made a detailed interpretation of why the overall requirements of "two learning and one doing" and "two learning and one doing" learning and education should be carried out, the main problems to be solved in carrying out "two learning and one doing", and the main contents of "two learning and one doing. He pointed out that in accordance with the requirements of the "two studies and one doing" learning and education activities, effectively strengthening the organization and leadership of the "two studies and one doing" learning and education, and carrying out the "two studies and one doing" learning and education is to implement the requirements of comprehensive and strict governance of the party. Important deployment is an important practice to promote the normalization and institutionalization of ideological and political construction. "Two studies and one doing" is the prerequisite for the "down-to-earth" work of party members and cadres. From the perspective of the company's production and operation, in addition to earnestly studying and implementing the relevant spirit of the central government, we must focus on the "two studies and one doing" learning and education activities, combined with the actual situation of the company, guide party organizations at all levels and all party members and employees, and focus on production and operation. Center, recognize the situation, clarify ideas, and combine with "double half" (more than half of the time and half of the task) and cost reduction (three improvements), and earnestly do a good job in all aspects of work.
Jiang Xiaomeng focused on the topic of "how do we do it in combination with reality". He summarized the peak development in the past ten years from the aspects of assets, operating income, profits, liabilities, etc., and believed that although the peak has achieved rapid development in recent years, cement cost control has certain core competitive advantages, but the core competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry has not been significantly improved. The health industry has just started, and the dependence on foreign investment returns is too high, uncertainty about the future remains. In view of the current situation of the enterprise, he analyzed the recent national macroeconomic situation, the future development trend of cement and medical and health industries, and put forward the development ideas of key industries such as peak cement, medicine and health.
In view of the current situation, combined with the company's development strategy and the current reality, Jiang Xiaomeng requires the party members and cadres of the peak to take the lead in learning, focus on building advantageous enterprises, and take the lead in doing three things: driving all employees to become salesmen, even the most cutting-edge enterprises, selling things and products is still the foundation of enterprise management; Dedicated to reducing costs, only the depression period is the only opportunity for enterprises to completely reduce costs; committed to the development of new products, not only the technology development department, marketing, production, market research and other departments should actively participate. He hopes that the peak party organizations at all levels will conscientiously carry out the "two studies and one doing" learning and education activities, so that every party member and cadre can clarify their thinking, identify the direction, and shoulder their responsibilities, and organically integrate the "two studies and one doing" with the actual daily work. Further improve the party organization's fighting fortress and vanguard role, and make the company's production and operation work to a new level.
Members of the party committee of the group company, all grass-roots party committees, general branches, branch secretaries, members and management cadres, heads of functional departments of the group headquarters and all party members in the headquarters building attended the lecture. Party members of enterprises stationed abroad participate in the study through the video system. Chen Xihua, Wu Weisheng, Shi Fu and Li Xiaoyin, the honorary winners of "Outstanding Party Workers" and "Outstanding Communist Party Members" in the 2015 Jinhua Economic and Information Commission system, were commended at the meeting. Jiang Xiaomeng also signed the 2016 Party Construction Target Responsibility Letter with the lower Party Committee and the General Branch on behalf of the Party Committee of the Group Company.