Li Xiongwei inspects Jianfeng Pharmaceutical

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On May 27, Li Xiongwei, executive vice minister of the Organization Department of the Jinhua Municipal CPC Committee, and his entourage went to Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company to inspect and investigate the construction of the talent team.
Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, reported to the research team the current situation of the talent team of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, talent development measures, and existing difficulties and problems. After listening carefully to the report, Li Xiongwei fully affirmed the talent work of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company, saying that the Organization Department of the Municipal CPC Committee will further strengthen the guidance of talent work and promote the development of the enterprise.
During the investigation, Li Xiongwei and his party also visited the production line of Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory, a pharmaceutical company. Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party Committee of the pharmaceutical company, and Shen Quan, assistant to the general manager, attended the research meeting.