Peak pharmaceutical "enterprise information construction project" through the acceptance

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The "Enterprise Informatization Construction Project" of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company was included in the list of key projects of "Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization" (high-level and in-depth combination of informatization and industrialization) in Jinhua City in 2015, and successfully passed the on-site acceptance of the expert group on the morning of May 18.
The main contents of the "enterprise information construction project" of the pharmaceutical company include: the tank farm control system, which solves the problem of closed metering and transportation of organic solvents in the tank farm and the production area, can automatically realize the terminal metering setting, and effectively ensure the safety and environmental protection requirements of the tank farm operation; The air conditioning automatic control system realizes the control of the temperature, humidity and room pressure difference in the air conditioning area through the PLC digital-to-analog conversion of the upper computer and lower computer and the terminal actuator regulator, ensure the cleanliness requirements of the production area environment; The online particle monitoring software system automatically adjusts to the standard flow through the upper computer, vacuum system, laser sensor and isodynamic sampling probe, etc. through the flow detector device and key orifice plate inside each sensor, monitors the temperature, humidity, particles, planktonian bacteria, room pressure difference, etc., implements dynamic management, and realizes visual monitoring of the production process environment. MRP production management system, it makes it easier for the warehouse, workshop, and management personnel to obtain information about the flow of materials in the production process, the implementation of production plans, and product inventory.
During the on-site acceptance on the 18th, the acceptance team composed of the Information Department of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the Economic and Development Bureau of the Development Zone, the Municipal Information Promotion Association and professors from Zhejiang Normal University checked the actual operation and maintenance of each control system by checking the documents and materials such as the contract of each system software, purchase and handover records, training records, problem record forms in project implementation, acceptance records, etc., and actually checked the actual operation and maintenance of each control system on the site, at the same time, the expert group asked the relevant staff to continue to do a good job in this work to ensure the effective and safe operation of the information system.
Through the implementation of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" and project operation, the modern management level of pharmaceutical companies has been further improved, the production capacity has been doubled, the personnel have been reduced, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved; the production management control is more intuitive, convenient and accurate, and more in line with the requirements of drug production and safety and environmental protection; It provides reliable guarantee for enterprise transformation and upgrading, industrial structure adjustment and implementation of business strategy objectives.