"Three" project implementation plan in an orderly manner

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On March 23, the group company held a special meeting to arrange the implementation of the "three" project.
The "three" project is the cultivation project of well-known enterprises, well-known brands and well-known entrepreneurs, which is an important decision made by the Zhejiang provincial party committee and provincial government to solve the "three more and three less" problems in Zhejiang Province, such as many small and medium-sized enterprises, few leading backbone enterprises, many brands, few well-known brands, many big and small bosses, and few well-known entrepreneurs, so as to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development and enhance the core competitiveness of Zhejiang Province. Jianfeng Group was listed in the second batch of "three" cultivation pilot enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2015. At the beginning of this year, Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng, on behalf of the company, signed a letter of responsibility for the "three" cultivation pilot enterprises with relevant persons in charge of the three governments of Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City, and Wucheng District. According to the relevant contents of the letter of responsibility, Jianfeng Group will, in the next three years, through innovative technology development, enable enterprises to have the core technology of independent knowledge, and use information management technology to innovate, integrate and enhance the management ability and competitiveness of the group company, so as to become a high-tech listed company with management innovation.
At the special meeting, Xiang Chongping, deputy general manager of the group company, notified the provincial party committee and the provincial government of the relevant requirements for the cultivation of the "three", and explained the specific content of the company's "three" project implementation plan. The implementation plan includes realizing the digitalization of quality cost management, establishing a modern medical logistics platform, further improving the sales management information system, building an EIP information sharing platform on the basis of the existing OA, further improving the establishment of a modern network platform NC financial management system, and establishing an HR information management system using modern human resources management software. The meeting implemented the implementation units, responsible persons and completion time of each project one by one.
Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, pointed out at the special meeting that the selection of the "three" cultivation pilot enterprises is not only an honor, but also a new development opportunity, and all enterprises and departments of the company should pay full attention to it and strengthen cooperation. through the implementation of the "three" project to further promote the improvement of the company's overall management level and innovation ability. He asked for dynamic management of the implementation of the "three" project, increase relevant publicity efforts according to the plan, and do a good job in information statistics and submission. All responsible units should also complete the pre feasibility study report of their respective projects as soon as possible and make corresponding work arrangements. Some projects already under implementation should also be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the plan.
In order to strengthen the management and promotion of the company's "three-person" project and implement the "three-person" cultivation plan, the meeting decided to set up a "three-person" project leading group, which is fully responsible for the organization and implementation of the "three-person" project of the group company according to the letter of responsibility signed with the provincial, municipal and district governments at all levels. The "three-person" project working group is set up under the leading group, responsible for the follow-up management of the "three" project cultivation project, coordinating the contact between the government and enterprises, the statistical summary and reporting of the "three" project work, file establishment, publicity and training, etc.