Zhejiang "Gold Medal Time-honored Brand" Flower Falling Peak Pharmacy

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A few days ago, Renshou Hall of Peak Pharmacy was awarded the second batch of "Gold Medal Time-honored Brand" plaque in Zhejiang Province.
The selection of gold medal time-honored brands in Zhejiang Province is to further promote time-honored enterprises to establish gold medal service awareness and create gold-lettered signboards. Among the Zhejiang time-honored brands recognized by the Provincial Department of Commerce (Provincial Economic and Trade Commission) in the past, they have selected good operations and outstanding inheritance performance. Excellent time-honored enterprises (brands) with good reputation, no illegal operations and consumer complaints. There are 20 enterprises (brands) that have been rated as the second batch of gold medal time-honored brands in Zhejiang Province. Renshoutang is the only enterprise (brand) in Jinhua that has won this honor.
It is understood that the gold medal time-honored brand will be dynamically managed, and the validity period is two years. If it is determined to meet the standards, the validity period can be extended for one year, and then it needs to participate in the identification again.