Grasp the situation and seize the opportunity to promote the development of the company to organize supply-side reform training sessions.

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On February 28, the group company organized a training meeting on "accelerating supply-side structural reform and promoting enterprise innovation-driven development" to learn and understand the spirit of the national economic reform policy and further understand the future economic development trend.
The management team of the group company, the heads of functional departments and the management cadres of the subordinate enterprises in Jin participated in the on-site training, and the management personnel of Daye Jianfeng and other overseas enterprises participated in the study through the video conference system. In this training, the company invited Dr. Lan Jianping, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission and director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of Zhejiang Province, to give a lecture.
At the training meeting, Dr. Lan Jianping analyzed the characteristics and essence of the new economic normal in combination with the national economic operation in 2015. He believes that the new economic normal is the process of building a market economy based on enterprises and markets, which will promote the sustainable development and effective transformation of my country's economy. At the same time, the changes in the domestic and foreign economic structure, from WTO to TPP, China-South Korea Free Trade Zone, From WB, ADB to ANB, Silk Road Fund, from joining the WTO to "One Road, One Belt", all released a signal, that is to say, the best period of peaceful development in the world has passed, and the domestic focus is on transforming the economic development model. Dr. Lan Jianping analyzed and expounded the main development path of the country's 13th five-year Plan from the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", the supply-side reform focusing on "eliminating production capacity, destocking, deleveraging, reducing costs and making up for shortcomings", "made in China 2025" and "Internet" and other aspects, this paper makes a detailed analysis and explanation on several issues such as what is the supply-side reform, why should the supply-side reform, and how to change the supply-side reform, and combines the new developments proposed by Zhejiang Province, such as building seven trillion industries and creating characteristic towns, put forward opinions on topics such as how to find new bright spots, how to achieve high-end industries, how to seize opportunities for new industries, and what development opportunities the new generation of information technology industry and its applications will bring.
In view of the theme of the future development of the enterprise, Dr. Lan Jianping put forward several aspects of thinking: whether the advantage or strength of the enterprise is an individual or an organization; How should the advantages of the enterprise be reflected? What can we do in the face of today's environment? Is the opportunity of market economy equal? How to improve the external value of the enterprise? What is the ultimate purpose of the enterprise. He believes that by solving these puzzles, enterprises can find their own development direction.
Dr. Lan Jianping's lecture, which connects theory with practice, is vivid, humorous and simple, and is welcomed by the peak managers who participated in the training. Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, requested at the training meeting that the current economic situation is very severe, and business managers should have a clear understanding of national policies and economic situations. Managers at all levels must carefully digest and understand the training content, conform to the situation, and clarify Business ideas, timely capture the opportunities brought by supply-side reforms, so that enterprises can achieve greater development.