Provincial Food and Drug Administration Leaders Visit Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory

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On February 25, Shao Yuanchang, deputy director of Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration, and other leaders visited Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory.
Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, and Yu Hongjian, general manager of Jianfeng Health Technology Company, discussed and exchanged views with Deputy Director Shao Yuanchang and his party. Jiang Xiaomeng introduced the basic situation of Jianfeng Group from the aspects of business structure and development planning, and focused on the production scale, production capacity, product types, scientific research level and development ideas of pharmaceutical companies and Jianfeng Health Technology Company. The two sides also exchanged views on clinical verification, food and drug supervision policies, production license of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, declaration of innovative decoction pieces, medical insurance, social security bargaining and other issues.
In the discussion, Shao Yuanchang affirmed the development of Jianfeng in the fields of medicine and health, and pointed out that quality is the life of an enterprise. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must always produce in accordance with the requirements of GMP. During the implementation process, they must establish relevant risk control and prevention. System, do a good job in risk management and control; drug regulatory policies and situations are constantly changing, and drug manufacturers must not only reflect problems, but also continue to study, adapt to the existing situation and policies, seize the development opportunities in the new policies, and improve product quality; enterprises must develop in norms and develop in innovation, and pharmaceutical manufacturers must have clear development ideas and plans, and clarify their own advantages and technologies.
Shao Yuanchang and his entourage also visited the freeze-dried powder injection, cephalosporin production workshop and warehouse of Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory to learn about production quality management, equipment and facilities, product types, etc.