On the first day of work after the festival, I pay New Year's greetings, visit and boost morale.

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On February 15, the first day of work after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Monkey, the leaders of the group company paid New Year greetings to the cadres and employees of overseas enterprises through the video conference system, and separately visited the subordinate enterprises in Jin.
On the morning of the 15th, in the video conference room of Jianfeng Building, the management team of the Group Company and the heads of various functional departments and offices extended New Year greetings to overseas enterprises such as Daye Jianfeng, Yunnan Jianfeng and Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products. Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng, on behalf of the group company, wishes all peak employees and their families a safe and healthy year of the monkey, and wishes all enterprises a new level of work and new achievements.
In his speech, Jiang Xiaomeng stressed that the plan of the year lies in the spring, and the end of the Spring Festival holiday, all cadres and staff should stop early and conscientiously implement and carry out the work determined at the beginning of the year. In 2016, the domestic economic situation is still not optimistic. The company and its subsidiaries must focus on three aspects: make substantial progress in industrial integration and joint reorganization, and take advantage of the current economic downturn and the decline in corporate valuation to achieve Low-cost expansion; innovative marketing requires breakthroughs, through the innovation of marketing models and methods, while striving to increase sales and improve corporate profitability; internal management should strengthen rigid management, real-time assessment, and small accounting units, so that each employee can clarify their own responsibilities and ensure that the company's various systems and policies can be implemented in place. Jiang Xiaomeng hopes that managers at all levels will pay close attention to the situation, be prepared to live a tight life, face difficulties and challenges, and ensure the full implementation of the company's work.
Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, while greeting all employees for the new year, hopes that management cadres at all levels will go deep into the front line and communicate with employees more, so as to make a good start for the whole year's work. I hope that all units will do a good job in the decomposition and implementation of annual objectives, and key departments and indicators will be implemented to individuals. I hope that management teams at all levels can grasp policy, market and industry information in a timely manner, uplift spirit, and strive to successfully complete various tasks.
After that, the leaders of the group company separately visited the subordinate enterprises in Jin to understand the implementation of the annual work plan and put forward requirements and hopes.
Jiang Xiaomeng and other leaders visited Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company, Cable Company and Jianfeng Health Technology Company. In a pharmaceutical company, Jiang Xiaomeng hopes that the management team will have a full understanding of the situation in the pharmaceutical industry, build confidence, clarify work goals and priorities, seize opportunities, strengthen team building on the basis of recognizing their own weaknesses, and strengthen effective communication and internal management. In cable companies and health technology companies, Jiang Xiaomeng requires cable companies to do their best to coordinate and link up with health technology companies while doing a good job in the production and sales of existing products; health technology companies should strengthen cultural shaping, enhance team awareness and enterprise cohesion, make concerted efforts, and use their brains to solve the problems existing in production and sales.
Yu Jianhong and other leaders visited the Qiubin factory of the pharmaceutical company, the large pharmacy and the international trading company. When communicating with the management team of Qiubin Factory, Yu Jianhong pointed out that there is still a lot of room for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and traditional Chinese medicine has great potential for development. It is necessary to use modern technology to play the role of traditional Chinese medicine. The plant extraction workshop of Qiubin Factory should strive to reduce costs, stabilize quality, and pay attention to process specifications. In the big pharmacy, Yu Jianhong learned in detail about the operation of the new logistics system in the warehouse and asked the management team to strive to improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, think more and grasp the market well. In the international trading company, Yu Jianhong visited the bonded warehouse to learn about the logistics, e-commerce and import and export business. He hoped that the management team would be prepared in advance and make breakthroughs in new business when the economic situation is difficult. In-depth cooperation with relevant units will promote the business development of both parties and increase the business volume. Introduce strategic investors; Make breakthroughs in internal management mode. During the visit, Yu Jianhong hoped that all business management teams should be full of confidence, continue to transmit positive energy, and do a good job of positive guidance.
In addition, on February 23, General Manager Yu Jianhong visited Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory to understand the production situation and communicate with the management team. In response to the recent policy changes in the pharmaceutical industry, Yu Jianhong hopes that the management team of Jinxi Factory will build confidence, change their thinking, improve the quality, ability and work enthusiasm of all employees, and strive to achieve high product quality, sophisticated production technology, and good corporate reputation. Improve the market competitiveness of products and enterprises.