The company fully deploys 2016 work

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On January 28, the group company held a business analysis meeting to review and summarize the work in 2015, arrange and deploy the work for the new year, and put forward the work requirements.
At the meeting, the heads of professional companies and directly affiliated enterprises made a report on the overall work situation in 2015, focusing on analyzing the existing problems and deficiencies, as well as the corresponding solutions, and put forward the work plan for 2016. Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, made a comprehensive review of the enterprise's operation in 2015, analyzed the gains and losses, and made arrangements for the key work in 2016 in combination with the development and changes of various related industries.
Yu Jianhong made a comparative analysis of the main economic indicators of various industrial sectors in 2015, affirmed the efforts and achievements of the employees of various subordinate enterprises, and pointed out the highlights of the work in project negotiation, engineering construction, technological transformation, standard certification, management improvement, etc. At the same time, he summarized and reflected on the weak growth of business performance, unsatisfactory asset operation efficiency, insufficient innovation ability, outdated business philosophy and other issues. After analyzing the current macroeconomic situation and changes in the situation of various related industries, Yu Jianhong reported the 2016 benefit targets of various professional companies and directly affiliated enterprises, and put forward seven key tasks, namely: capturing opportunities and promoting the development of various business sectors; Guided by budget management and benchmarking management, technological progress and management optimization as means, refined management concept and PDCA cycle management as methods, in-depth development of "three reductions and three improvements" activities to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; strengthen management innovation, strengthen management standards, and improve the ability of enterprises to resist risks; adhere to the concept of technological leadership, strengthen technological innovation, improve product development system, and strengthen product development; Innovate marketing management, break through sales bottlenecks; strengthen safety and environmental management; improve talent introduction, training, and incentive mechanisms, and increase talent development.
In his concluding speech, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, expressed his gratitude to all enterprises for their good performance in the severe environment of 2015. At the same time, he hoped that all subordinate enterprises would fully understand the development and changes of the current economic situation, see the market risks, enhance the crisis awareness, grasp the future trend of the enterprise, strive to do a good job in product sales and payment collection, do everything possible to reduce costs and strengthen cash flow management, be prepared for the tight days and "winter. Jiang Xiaomeng asked management cadres at all levels to build up confidence, strengthen learning, improve their own quality, be united, take the lead, be strict with themselves, dare to take responsibility, and lead employees to work hard and complete their annual tasks in an all-round way.