Jianfeng Pharmaceutical won the Jinhua Municipal Government Quality Award

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Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company won the 2015 Jinhua Municipal Government Quality Award. At the Jinhua Industrial Conference held on February 17, Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng received the medal on behalf of the pharmaceutical company.
The Government Quality Award is the highest quality honor established by Jinhua Municipal Government. It is established in accordance with the the People's Republic of China Product Quality Law and other relevant regulations to guide and encourage enterprises to implement the excellent performance model, continuously improve the quality of products and services, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Jinhua City. It is mainly awarded to Jinhua City to implement the excellent performance management model and achieve significant economic and social benefits, and according to the "Jinhua Municipal Government Quality Award Evaluation Management Measures" to evaluate the industry (including agricultural products processing industry), engineering construction and service enterprises. The award does not only focus on product quality, but covers many aspects such as enterprise management, market service, technological progress, product innovation, team building, etc. It is a comprehensive consideration of enterprise production and operation management.
Since applying for the government quality award, the pharmaceutical company has taken this opportunity to cooperate with each other in various functional departments and subordinate production and operation enterprises to systematically sort out the internal management system, process and other work, find out the defects and deficiencies according to the evaluation standards, and constantly rectify and improve. In the on-site review in December 2015, the review team conducted the review in the form of talking and asking questions, consulting relevant documents and materials, and checking the site, and conducted collective review according to the review criteria to reach an agreement. After publicity and other procedures, the pharmaceutical company finally won the award. Zhang Weidong, quality director of the pharmaceutical company, said that the process of applying for the government quality award is also a process of self-improvement of the enterprise, and the pharmaceutical company will take this award as a new starting point to further standardize and strengthen internal management, so as to bring all kinds of work to a new level.