Group Companies Recognize Advanced in 2015

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On January 29, the group company held the 2015 annual summary commendation conference. while reviewing the work in 2015 and making arrangements for the work in 2016, it solemnly commended the advanced collectives and individuals in 2015, and signed the 2016 economic responsibility system with various professional companies and directly affiliated enterprises.
Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, made a work report entitled "Innovation and Development, Deepening Breakthroughs, and Comprehensively Enhancing the Core Competitiveness of Enterprises" at the conference. In the report, Yu Jianhong used the eighteen words "seeking development, strengthening management, grasping innovation, expanding the market, ensuring safety, and building image" to make a general summary of the past year, from striving to find new investment projects and smoothly advancing Project construction; with the purpose of "increasing benefits, strengthening standards, grasping innovation, and improving quality", in-depth development of various management activities to improve management level; through technological innovation, consolidate the foundation of the enterprise; Strengthen marketing management and market expansion to achieve steady growth in sales; Implement the safety and environmental protection responsibility system at all levels, clarify responsibilities at all levels, and promote the establishment of safety and environmental protection accident-free factories; Through the construction of good corporate culture, effectively improve the corporate image and influence and other six aspects, made a systematic summary and review of the work in 2015.
After a comprehensive analysis of the current national economic situation, policies and the changing trends of the company's related industries, Yu Jianhong put forward the company's key work in 2016. Namely: 1. grasp the opportunity to promote enterprise development. Guided by budget management and benchmarking management, with technological progress and management optimization methods, refined management concepts and PDCA cycle management as methods, the 2. will carry out in-depth "three reductions and three improvements" activities to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. 3. strengthen management innovation, strengthen management norms, and improve the ability of enterprises to resist risks. 4. adhere to the concept of leading technology, strengthen technological innovation; improve the product development system, strengthen product development efforts. 5. further innovation marketing management, breakthrough sales bottleneck. 6. improve the talent introduction, training, incentive mechanism, increase talent development efforts. 7. continue to strengthen safety and environmental management to ensure the safe operation of enterprises. 8. strengthen the construction of enterprise culture and improve the soft power of enterprises.
Qin Xuping, chairman of the trade union of the group company, read out the list of advanced collectives and individuals at the group company level in 2015 at the conference. In a warm and cheerful atmosphere, the company's advanced dress red hanging color on stage to receive the award. Liu Dan, a representative of advanced enterprises and general manager of Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products Research and Development Company, Fang Xuhua, a representative of advanced party organization and party branch secretary of Yunnan Jianfeng Cement Company, Hu Yingzhong, a representative of outstanding employees and Hu Yingzhong of Daye Jianfeng Cement Company, Wu Weisheng, a representative of outstanding management workers and general manager of Jianfeng Pharmacy, Lu Guosheng, a representative of outstanding scientific and technological workers and Jianfeng Health Technology Company, etc. respectively took the stage to review their achievements in the past year and put forward their future work ideas, he expressed his determination to make new and greater contributions to the peak cause.
At the meeting, General Manager Yu Jianhong, on behalf of the Group Company, successively signed the 2016 economic responsibility system with Daye Peak, Yunnan Peak, Pharmaceutical Company, Health Technology Company, International Trade Company and Cable Company.
At the end of the summary and commendation meeting, Jiang Xiaomeng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, made a concluding speech on the topic of "affirming achievements, recognizing the situation, constantly creating new advantages, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises". He expressed his gratitude for the efforts made by peak employees in the past year, fully affirmed the achievements made, and congratulated the advanced collectives and individuals who were commended. On behalf of the company's board of directors, he talked about the development ideas of the peak in 2016 at the meeting and communicated with the participants. He hoped that all employees would continue to work hard in the new year, actively promote the sustainable and healthy development of the peak, and pass on the greetings and wishes of the new year to all the employees who work hard for the peak cause through the meeting.