Peak became the second batch of "three" enterprises in Zhejiang Province

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A few days ago, the General Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Government officially announced the second batch of 31 "three" cultivation pilot enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and Jianfeng Group was on the list.
In order to inject strong impetus into the "upgraded version" of Zhejiang's economy, the Zhejiang provincial government has promoted the implementation of the "three" cultivation project in the province since 2014, with the creation of "well-known enterprises, well-known brands and well-known entrepreneurs" as the carrier, vigorously implement the strategy of famous enterprises, cultivate a number of leading backbone enterprises and high-tech enterprises, vigorously implement the strategy of famous products, and create a number of well-known regional brands at home and abroad, cultivate a group of brand enterprises with high visibility and influence at home and abroad; vigorously implement the strategy of famous experts, build a management team and technical team led by well-known entrepreneurs, and promote our province from a large industrial province to a strong industrial province and a large manufacturing province. Transform to a strong province with smart manufacturing, and a big brand province to a strong brand province.
The second batch of "three" enterprises were voluntarily declared by the enterprises, and the materials of the provincial SASAC were first reviewed and reported recommend. The provincial "three" project construction joint conference office entrusted third-party institutions and experts to conduct selection and evaluation. The plenary meeting of the "three" project construction joint meeting in Zhejiang Province voted. The selected companies are the leaders and benchmarks of the industry in the province. The fact that Jianfeng Group can rank among the "three" enterprise industries in the province is an affirmation of the results of a series of measures such as the company's corporate development strategy adjustment, transformation and upgrading in recent years. Seize the opportunity, according to the direction of the "three" enterprise cultivation, in terms of technological innovation, management innovation, manufacturing method innovation, business model innovation, etc, carry out solid work to improve our management and promote the further development of the enterprise.
At the same time, the enterprises selected for the "three" projects will enjoy the support of the provincial and municipal governments in policies, funds, and factor resources.