Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng attended the China-Korea Industry Development Forum and delivered a speech on the future development of China's health industry.

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On November 7, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, was invited to participate in the "China-Korea Industry Development High-end Forum (2015)" hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and China Samsung, and delivered a keynote speech at the biopharmaceutical and health sub-forum.
The theme of this forum is the "13th Five-Year" global economy and new trends in industrial development, China's "One Belt One Road" and "Made in China 2025" strategies, and discusses China and South Korea in key industries such as electronics, new energy, biopharmaceuticals and health Prospects for cooperation and development. The forum attracted people from the Development Research Center of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, Samsung Group, Beijing Food and Drug Administration, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Jianfeng Group, Alibaba and other Chinese and Korean industry research experts participated.
The forum was presided over by Wang Lei, director of the Bureau of International Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and included the main forum and three sub-forums of electronics, new energy, biopharmaceuticals and health. At the biopharmaceutical and health sub-forum, Chinese and Korean experts, including Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, delivered a speech on how to deal with the aging population, the role of commissioned processing (CMO) in the biopharmaceutical industry, and how to further improve the supervision and management of the pharmaceutical industry.
At the sub-forum, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, discussed the overall situation of China's big health industry with the topic of "Environmental Analysis and Future Development of China's Health Industry", and deeply analyzed the national policy environment and industry dynamics of China's health industry; from the aging population, environmental degradation, the increase in medical and health costs, and the enhancement of people's self-care awareness It is demonstrated that China's health industry will usher in many changes; describe the future development direction of China's health industry from seven major fields such as "Internet", big data, precision medicine, dietary supplements and health food; put forward that "China's big health industry is still in the initial stage, in terms of industry segmentation and structural rationalization, greater improvement and improvement are needed." The macro environment indicates that the health care industry will usher in many changes "and" cross-border pharmaceutical enterprises in the field of large health are rising strongly "and other views were unanimously recognized by the participants.
Taking this opportunity, Jiang Xiaomeng also introduced the development of peak health industry to Chinese and Korean experts.