The company arranges safety and environmental protection work in the second half of the year.

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On July 20, the group company held a safety and environmental protection work meeting in the first half of the year to summarize and review the safety and environmental protection work in the first half of the year and make arrangements for relevant work in the second half of the year.
In the first half of this year, on the basis of implementing the responsibility system for production safety and clarifying the responsibility for production safety, all units of the company conscientiously carried out law popularization and training in view of the new "production Safety Law" and "Environmental Protection Law". Organize and carry out self-examination and self-correction of safety violations, create safety and environmental protection accident-free factories, and improve emergency rescue plans. Especially during the National Safety Production Month in June, all production and business units organized a series of publicity, training, and drills to strengthen employees' awareness of safety and environmental protection, improve employees' safety and prevention skills, and achieve good results. The safety management office of the company has strengthened the safety and environmental protection inspection, and urged the relevant production and operation parts to investigate and rectify the hidden dangers of accidents.
In view of the existing problems, the company puts forward the key points of safety and environmental protection work in the second half of the year, mainly including: continue to strengthen the publicity and education of safety production. The group company will organize full-time (part-time) safety officers, electricians, workshop management personnel of branch factories, new employees and department and office employees of the group company to carry out training on electricians and electrical appliances knowledge, first aid knowledge and other aspects. All production and business units should further strengthen safety publicity and training; strengthen the drill of accident emergency plan, test the applicability of the plan, and improve the emergency rescue and emergency handling ability of employees for accidents; supervise and coordinate the management of employees in special positions of various production and business units with certificates; Jinxi factory and pharmaceutical company should do a good job in creating three-level safety standardization as soon as possible, and enterprises that have established safety production standardization should strengthen daily standardized management and strive to upgrade their grades as soon as possible. In view of the current high temperature weather, the company requires all production and business units to pay special attention to safety management during the high temperature period, strengthen the inspection and assessment of illegal operations, and take this as the focus of safety management in the second half of the year.
Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, pointed out at the meeting that safety and environmental protection management is not isolated, but integrated into many daily management behaviors. Judging from the company's work in the first half of the year, habitual violation is the biggest potential safety hazard. Therefore, in the second half of the year, employees' safety and environmental protection responsibilities and legal awareness must be strengthened according to the current situation. In daily work, key posts, key personnel, posts using new processes and new technologies, new recruits and personnel changing posts should be inspected. Mobilized all employees to focus on the process, equipment and operation characteristics of their respective posts, self-examination and self-correction of habitual violations; strict implementation of the safety operation ticket system; safety standardization of each production and business unit to create a higher level, through safety and environmental protection, to promote the improvement of corporate efficiency and cost reduction.