Tianjin Jianfeng won the second prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award

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Tianjin Peak Natural Products Research and Development Co., Ltd. has won a new award! A few days ago, the company's "Tianjin Plant Waste Reuse Technology Engineering Center Construction" won the second prize of the 2014 Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award.
Tianjin Plant Waste Functional Component Development Technology Engineering Center is based on the existing research and development forces and institutions of Tianjin Jianfeng, with the participation of some research and development personnel from Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and School of Pharmacy of Nankai University, to carry out comprehensive research on grape extract, natural antioxidant, plant polyphenol extraction, plant flavonoids, natural pigments, cosmetic raw materials, separation devices and materials, plant reference products, information and intellectual property rights, finally, a world-class multidisciplinary engineering technology innovation platform in this field will be built to provide technical support for the upgrading of plant extraction related industrial technologies in China, ensure that high-end functional and therapeutic plant extract products reach the international advanced level, and through the construction of the engineering center, constantly improve hardware facilities, increase scientific research investment, introduce international talents, improve the level of independent innovation, and establish an effective incentive mechanism, accelerate the process of research and development of technological achievements. Train plant extraction related industrialization engineering and technical personnel and management personnel, become an open technical support platform for the industrialization of plant extraction technology in my country, and promote scientific and technological progress in related industries and fields and the development of emerging industries.
After the establishment of the engineering center, it has established clear short-term and medium-term work goals, and through continuous strengthening of technological innovation and system integration team construction, it has established a single-core, multi-level, multi-disciplinary, and sustainable scientific research and innovation team. While developing new products, combined with the technical and geographical advantages of Tianjin and the Bohai Rim, in-depth development of major key, basic and common technologies, continuously systematic, supporting and engineering research and development of scientific research results with important application prospects, providing mature technical processes and technical equipment for technologies suitable for enterprise-scale production, and continuously introducing a series of high value-added benefits New products.
Prior to this, the "Tianjin Plant Waste Reuse Technology Engineering Center Construction" project was supported by the 2013 Special Fund for Science and Technology Innovation in Tianjin Binhai New Area.