The company requires to do a good job in summer safety production work "safety production month" activities will be launched soon

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High temperature and rainy weather in summer is a period of high incidence of safety accidents in enterprises. June is also the national "safe production month". The group company issued a notice on May 28, requiring all subordinate units to earnestly do a good job in safe production in summer and "safe production month" activities.
The notice requires that all units should set up a leading group to strengthen leadership, raise awareness of the importance of summer safety production work and the "Safety Production Month" activities, adhere to the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", and highlight The theme of "Strengthening the safety legal system and ensuring safe production" activities, implement the specific matters of the safety production month activities, carefully deploy and earnestly grasp.
The main contents of this year's company's "safe production month" activities include participating in the safety production publicity and consultation day organized by the municipal government. According to the actual situation of the unit, publicity on production safety will be carried out in various forms, such as blackboard newspaper, contribution to the "peak newspaper", posting posters, holding knowledge competitions, safety picture exhibitions, speech competitions, etc. Organize employees to learn relevant laws and regulations on production safety, improve employees' awareness of safety production law, responsibility and self-protection; carry out systematic safety production education and training according to the production and operation characteristics of each unit, especially for safe electricity use, fatigue operation, high temperature heatstroke prevention and other time-sensitive and effective education and training activities according to the characteristics of summer rainy season; organize safety production inspection led by the main person in charge, and timely rectify potential safety hazards; do a good job of inspection, rectification and acceptance for the self-examination and self-correction of safety violation operations required by the group company, organize employees to look for violations against the system before and after work, find violations and talk about hazards, with emphasis on publicity and education on the hazards of violation operations; Formulate and implement emergency plan drills.
In addition, the group company will organize a safety and environmental protection knowledge competition in late June. The content scope is the new version of the "Safety Production Law" and "Environmental Protection Law". The competition will be conducted in the form of written closed-book answers, and the third prize and organization award for 1. 2. will be awarded.
The notice requires that the organization and implementation of the summer safety production work and the "Safety Production Month" activities of each unit, the content of the safety month activities, inspection records, and the rectification of hidden dangers should be summarized and assessed in a timely manner.