Flanders new enteric coating agent unveiled at international exhibition high mechanical strength anti-gastric juice damage suitable for soft capsule dosage form

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The coating agent of Tianjin Jianfeng Flanders Pharmaceutical Technology Company has launched a new product! From May 15th to 17th, the company's newly developed new enteric film coating agent was unveiled at the Shanghai API China (China International Pharmaceutical APIs, Intermediates, Packaging, Equipment Fair) exhibition, which attracted the attention of participating merchants.
This exhibition is the three major exhibitions in the medical and health industry chain-CMEF (China International Medical Device Expo), PharmChina (National Drug Fair), and API China were held at the same time. More than 6000 pharmaceutical companies from 140 countries and regions participated in the exhibition., The daily flow of visitors is more than 100000, and the scale is unprecedented.
As a well-known enterprise in the production of coating agents and pellets in China, Jianfeng Flanders introduced a series of film coating agents and pellet intermediates at the exhibition. After years of market promotion, Flanders's "Qing Series" coating agent has won a good market reputation in recent years. The new product launched at this exhibition-new enteric coating agent has also aroused strong interest from participating merchants.
The new enteric coating agent is an "upgraded version" developed by Spike Flanders on the basis of the original mature technology ". The product uses high-quality HPMCP and other high-molecular polymers, the coating film has good mechanical strength and resistance to gastric juice damage, in the intestinal environment can be quickly dissolved to ensure the release of drugs, not only to meet the requirements of common varieties of enteric film coating, more suitable for high quality, high-demand enteric soft capsule dosage form. When used in soft capsule preparation, the type of coating can effectively protect the soft capsule from being damaged by external forces, and its good flexibility can also ensure its own functional integrity, thus increasing the adaptation of multi-drug dosage forms and expanding the application of enteric film coating agents. At the same time, the coating of the product is easy to operate, and the coating film is delicate and smooth, which ensures the high quality appearance of the drug.
At this exhibition, the series of products of Spike Flanders attracted many merchants. The person in charge of the company said that in recent years, pharmaceutical technology has been continuously innovated. By participating in the exhibition, not only can the influence of enterprises and products be expanded, but also the changes and progress of peer enterprises can be found in time, and the positioning and development direction of enterprises can be found more accurately.