OPC Superman, Tianjin Peak's "Image Ambassador"

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Tianjin Peak Natural Products Company has an "image ambassador"! At the 19th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition held in Shanghai on April 1, OPC Superman made his first public appearance at the Tianjin Peak booth.
OPC Superman is a cartoon image created by taking grape seeds as the main element, the raw material of Tianjin Jianfeng's main products. The lively and lovely green grape seed little man is wearing red shorts and a red cape. It is very dynamic, which fits the green and pure natural product image of Tianjin Jianfeng, and also symbolizes the vigorous vitality of this young enterprise.
There are four OPC Superman images, which were designed and completed at the end of 2014 and have already made their internal "first show" on Tianjin's peak New Year calendar ". The first public appearance at the international exhibition has added a lot of "image points" to Tianjin Jianfeng's booth ".
It is understood that in addition to serving as the "image ambassador" at the exhibition, OPC Superman will also take the lead in explaining OPC knowledge and promoting Tianjin Peak series products in Tianjin Peak's "China Grape Seed Network". In May, the revised "China Grape Seed Network" will be launched completely. Although this OPC Superman is small, he is very busy!