The peak mental state was praised by the leaders of the Federation of Industry and Commerce.

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On the Lantern Festival on March 5, Fan Qingsong, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, came to Jianfeng to pay New Year's greetings. While sending blessings to the company, he praised Jianfeng as a company in a good mental state.
Group Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng, Deputy General Manager Xiang Chongping, Board Secretary Zhu Jianwei and other leaders received Fan Qingsong and his party. Jiang Xiaomeng briefly reported the overall situation of the enterprise, and introduced Secretary Fan from the development ideas of cement and medicine, health industry, R & D innovation and marketing innovation. Jiang Xiaomeng is very grateful to the leaders of the municipal party committee and municipal government for their strong support to the enterprise, and is also very pleased to have a highly loyal management team, so that the enterprise can take advantage of the situation to do better in the good times of development and HOLD in adversity.
Secretary Fan Qingsong frequently praised Jiang Xiaomeng's new New Year's plans. He said that such development ideas not only conform to the new policies under the new normal, but also combine the characteristics of the enterprise itself. Fan Qingsong said that he has always felt that Jianfeng is a company with a good mental state, and the leadership team is also very united. He is happy with the achievements of the company over the years and believes that Jianfeng will be able to climb in the new year. To a higher level, the Federation of Industry and Commerce will continue to support the enterprise, and hope that the enterprise can make suggestions and suggestions for the Federation of Industry and Commerce to better serve the enterprise.
Jiang Xiaomeng put forward suggestions from the hope that the Federation of Industry and Commerce will establish an enterprise information platform for mergers and acquisitions and reorganization, and further build an enterprise learning and exchange platform, and discussed with Secretary Fan Qingsong on related issues in the process of enterprise development.