On the first day of work after the holiday, New Year greetings, visits and requests

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On February 26, the first day of work after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Goat, the leaders of the group company paid New Year greetings to the cadres and employees of overseas enterprises through the video conference system, and separately visited the subordinate enterprises in Jin, and put forward requirements for each enterprise to implement the new year's work.
On the morning of the 26th, in the video conference room of Jianfeng Building, the management team of the Group Company extended New Year greetings to overseas enterprises such as Daye Jianfeng, Yunnan Jianfeng and Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products. Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, wishes all peak employees and their families a safe and healthy year of the sheep, and wishes all enterprises a new level of work and prosperous benefits. Jiang Xiaomeng emphasized that at the end of the Spring Festival holiday, all cadres and employees should take care of themselves early, earnestly implement and carry out the tasks determined at the beginning of the year. Efforts should be made to smoothly start construction of new cement projects in 2015. Nine production lines of the pharmaceutical industry have passed the new GMP certification, and substantial progress has been made in industrial mergers and acquisitions. The new workshop of Jianfeng Health was put into operation as scheduled. New breakthroughs have been made in the marketing and research and development of new products of various enterprises. Jiang Xiaomeng hopes that managers at all levels will keep in mind the historical mission of "creating a century-old peak", spend more energy and time on work and study, strive to create a united and upward working atmosphere, and drive all employees to go all out to carry out their work; the group company will work with Everyone, do everything possible to do all the work, meet new challenges together, and ensure a new level in the new year.
While paying New Year's greetings to all employees, Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, requires the leaders of all subordinate units to consistently care for the employees so that the employees can keep a happy mood and a good mental state and put into work. We should unremittingly do a good job in safety and environmental protection to ensure safe production throughout the year without accidents. We should decompose and implement the annual plan as soon as possible and strive for another success in 2015.
After that, the leaders of the group company separately visited the subordinate enterprises in Jin to understand the implementation of the annual work plan and put forward requirements.
Jiang Xiaomeng and other leaders visited Qiubin Factory, Cable Company, Jianfeng Health Technology Company and Jinxi Factory. The original Jiangnan factory will complete all the relocation work by the end of June this year. Jiang Xiaomeng hopes that the relevant responsible persons can stand on the last shift and conscientiously do a good job in product quality and product research and development while ensuring the smooth relocation, production and sales of equipment. In the cable company and the health technology company, Jiang Xiaomeng affirmed the enthusiasm and passion of the employees of the cable company, and in view of the cable industry environment, required the cable company to carry out accurate benefit accounting according to the changes in raw material prices, grasp the market, strengthen management and further cultivate the creativity of the employees. Peak Health should speed up the construction of the new workshop, complete the certification as soon as possible and put into production smoothly; systematic planning of chain business model and product development, strengthening the improvement and implementation of internal management systems and processes. Jiang Xiaomeng also put forward opinions and requirements from the aspects of environmental protection, certification and production according to the current situation of Qiubin factory and Jinxi factory.
Yu Jianhong and other leaders visited international trading companies, large pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. After inspecting the warehouse of the international trading company on the spot, Yu Jianhong put forward requirements for the recent work arrangements of the three major businesses of logistics, e-commerce, and import and export proposed by the management team. He hoped that the management team would seriously adjust its work thinking, grasp the focus of work, and improve the assessment., Incentive mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. In view of the current situation of Jianfeng Pharmacy, Yu Jianhong hopes that the management team will strive to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, do a good job in the reasonable distribution of franchise stores and logistics distribution, and at the same time pay close attention to the implementation of relocation related work. In Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company, Yu Jianhong requires to do a good job in operation mode and risk control, improve the system, standardize the system and process, strengthen management optimization, do a good job in bidding and market services, strive to intervene in market gaps, strive for high-quality suppliers, and seek the right time for cooperation and reorganization.