Peak became the first batch of "three" cultivation pilot enterprises in Jinhua

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After a week of publicity, Jianfeng Group officially became the first batch of "three" cultivation pilot enterprises in Jinhua City, and only three enterprises were included in the pilot in Wucheng District.
The "three" project, that is, the cultivation project of well-known enterprises, well-known brands and well-known entrepreneurs, is an important work implemented by Zhejiang Province in order to enhance the innovation-driven ability of enterprises and enhance their core competitiveness. According to the guidance of relevant work in Jinhua City, the "three" cultivation pilot will be carried out, with the creation of "famous enterprises, famous products and famous experts" as the carrier, strengthen the policy guidance of supporting the superior and strong, and accelerate the cultivation of a number of leading backbone enterprises and high-tech enterprises by encouraging and supporting enterprises to merge and integrate superior resources, develop advanced manufacturing models, improve resource conservation and energy conservation and emission reduction capabilities, develop core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and make use of multi-level of multi-level capital market financing; encourage and guide enterprises to take the road of integrated development of scientific and technological innovation, trademark application and brand promotion, promote the transformation of innovation achievements into independent brands, encourage and support enterprises to obtain overseas brand ownership, sales channels and patented technology through overseas mergers and acquisitions of independent brands, so as to maximize the brand effect, so as to create a number of regional well-known brands at home and abroad, Cultivate a number of brand enterprises with high popularity and influence at home and abroad; through the training and management of entrepreneurs at different levels and types, and joint training with famous universities and scientific research institutions, cultivate a group of entrepreneurs who are familiar with strategic planning, capital operation, scientific and technological innovation, accounting law and other professional knowledge. Technical team, introduce and cultivate a group of professional managers with strong innovation consciousness and management ability. For the enterprises identified as the "three" cultivation pilot, the municipal government will, on the basis of promoting the improvement of unit output, guarantee key elements such as energy use, land, financing, environmental capacity and certain financial support, and give priority to recommend and applying for national high-tech enterprises and national and provincial projects under the same conditions. To this end, Jinhua City has specially established a "three-person" project construction joint meeting system composed of relevant departments of the municipal party committee and municipal government, and established three working groups for the cultivation of well-known enterprises, the cultivation of well-known brands, and the cultivation of well-known entrepreneurs. The Commission, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau take the lead to ensure the smooth progress of the "three" projects and substantial results.
After voluntary declaration by enterprises, preliminary examination and recommend reporting in various counties and cities, the Jinhua City "three" Project Construction Joint Conference Office commissioned a third-party organization to conduct expert review. The first batch of "three" cultivation in Jinhua City, including Jianfeng Group The list of pilot enterprises was announced from January 9 to 16, 2015, and a total of 29 enterprises in Jinhua were identified as pilot enterprises.