The company was awarded the title of "Jinhua Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise"

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Recently, Jianfeng Group was awarded by Jinhua Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other four departmentsJinhua Harmonious Labor Relations EnterpriseTitle.

In recent years, as Jinhua City continues to carry out in-depth activities to create harmonious labor relations, the group company is actively committed to promoting the construction of harmonious labor relations: adhere to the people-oriented, in line with the principle of dual maintenance of the interests of enterprises and employees, carry out activities to care for employees, in the realization of"six haveA lot of basic work has been done in (I. e. labor contracts, wage growth, five insurances, safety in production, democracy in management, and care in spirit).

After a joint review by the Jinhua Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Jinhua Federation of Trade Unions, the group company has made certain achievements in building a standardized and orderly, fair and reasonable, mutually beneficial and win-win, harmonious and stable labor relationship. The harmonious development of the city has made a certain contribution and was awarded"Jinhua Harmonious Labor Relations EnterpriseTitle.