Peak Pharmaceutical Becomes "Machine Replacement" Demonstration Enterprise Peak Health Becomes "Machine Replacement" Pilot Enterprise

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The Jinhua Economic and Information Technology Commission recently issued a document announcing the list of the second batch of "machine substitution" demonstration pilot enterprises in Jinhua City. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company was identified as a "machine substitution" demonstration enterprise, and Jianfeng Health Technology Company was identified as a "machine substitution" pilot enterprise.
Machine substitution is an important measure to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry. Through the comprehensive promotion of the implementation of "machine substitution" in enterprises in industries with obvious characteristics of repetitive labor, high labor intensity and certain risks, especially in labor-intensive enterprises, the traditional industries are upgraded with modern and automated equipment, and the technological dividend is promoted to replace the demographic dividend, To achieve the goal of "downsizing, increasing efficiency, improving quality and ensuring safety. The implementation of "machine substitution" in enterprises can effectively reduce the amount of low-quality labor, save labor costs, improve the labor productivity of all employees, improve the excellent quality rate of products, ensure safe and environmentally friendly production, and promote production management, human resource management, information management, etc. Transformation and innovation of management methods, more lean and systematic organization, and finally realize the transformation of enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing, it is of great significance for technological progress, improving the quality of labor force, improving the production efficiency of enterprises, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure, and promoting the transformation of industrial development mode. Jinhua City selected and determined the "machine substitution" demonstration pilot enterprises, aiming to strengthen the promotion of the experience of the demonstration enterprises, earnestly organize the pilot enterprises to carry out the "machine substitution" work, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the local industrial economy. It is understood that the municipal government will provide certain policy guarantees and service support for the key technological transformation projects of the "machine substitution" demonstration pilot units, and further increase support for the "machine substitution" work.
Prior to this, the peak pharmaceutical Jinxi project has been included in the 2014 Zhejiang Province "machine substitution" 100 demonstration projects.