Spike pharmaceutical sterile preparation through GMP certification

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Jianfeng Pharmaceutical sterile preparation powder injection (including cephalosporins) and freeze-dried powder injection passed the on-site inspection from September 17 to 21, 2014, and were reviewed and approved to comply with the "Drug Production Management Regulations (Revised in 2010)". After publicity without objection, on October 31, 2014, the website of china food and drug administration issued [Drug GMP Certification Announcement (No. 31)], Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Powder Injection (including cephalosporins) and Freeze-dried powder injection are listed in the GMP certification catalogue of the announcement, certificate number: CN20140418, certification scope: powder injection (cephalosporins), freeze-dried powder injection. Recently, the GMP certificate has been successfully issued.
The adoption of GMP for the aseptic preparation production line means that the powder injection production line with an annual output of 0.2 billion bottles is officially completed and put into production. It will effectively increase the production capacity of spike sterile powder injection and strengthen and expand the market of spike sterile powder injection products.