Peak Pharmacy Successfully Passthrough GSP Certification

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On November 24, Jianfeng Pharmacy successfully obtained the "Drug Business Quality Management Standard Certification Certificate" (referred to as GSP Certification Certificate) and "Drug Business License" issued by Jinhua Food and Drug Administration. So far, the headquarters of the large pharmacy and 30 stores have completed the renewal of the new GSP certification and drug business license as scheduled.
The new version of GSP certification, from the form and content are very different from previous years. On September 24, an inspection team composed of three senior GSP certification experts from the Municipal Food and Drug Administration conducted a three-day on-site inspection of the headquarters of the large pharmacy; from mid-October to the end of October, each store was located. The market supervision and management branch of the district organized inspectors to conduct on-site inspections of each store. In accordance with the new version of the "Drug Business Quality Management Regulations" and "GSP Certification Inspection and Evaluation Standards", the inspection team adopted various methods such as on-site questioning, on-site operation, and on-site inspection to check the facilities and equipment of the headquarters and stores, staffing, and the import and sale of drugs., Storage, distribution and sales of refrigerated drugs, distribution and sales of special drugs (including ephedrine compound preparations) were inspected in detail. Through the inspection, the whole process management of the large pharmacy, the computer system that meets the quality control requirements, the purchase and acceptance of drugs, the display and storage, and the sales management basically meet the requirements of the specifications. At the same time, the inspection team pointed out that the staff were not proficient in the operation of the newly upgraded computer system and the collection of drug information was incomplete.
This can successfully pass the new version of GSP certification, thanks to the large pharmacy cadres and employees have a high degree of quality awareness and unity of work style. The adoption of the new version of GSP certification will help the company to normalize and standardize the quality management process, further improve the quality awareness and work skills of employees, strengthen the coordination between the company's departments, and lay a solid foundation for the company's future development and growth. basis.