National Pharmacy Combined Medication Elite Competition Peak Pharmacy All Take Top Five in Zhejiang Division

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On November 21, the "Yiling Cup" 2014 National Pharmacy Combined Drug Skills Competition in Zhejiang Division was successfully concluded. The top five winners were all employees of large pharmacies. They were the "five golden flowers" of large pharmacies-Chen Ke, Luo Xiao, Wang Xiuling, Lu Meihua and Bi Zhiyan. Among them, Luo Xiao also won the "Best popularity Award" selected by online voting"
The competition was sponsored by the "First Pharmacy" newspaper, co-organized by Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and hosted by the First Pharmacy Management College. From November 12 to November 21, the top two contestants with the highest total number won the title of "Best popularity Award" through WeChat and official website voting. On November 21, the on-site skills competition was held. The contestants scored by the judges through the four links of best appearance, display competition, scheme showdown and 30 seconds, the top 10 with the highest total scores were rated as the "Top Ten Players", and the top 2 with the highest scores directly advanced to the national finals. In the best appearance session, each contestant introduces himself for 1 minute and recommend the products of Ling Pharmaceutical in one sentence. In the display competition session, teams of five people work together in groups to make display products and posters in pharmacies, and one person presents the works. In the scheme duel, two contestants are randomly selected to take the stage for two PK at the same time. According to the symptoms, the contestants, find out the best combination plan from the drugs provided, and state the reasons; in the 30-second decisive battle, the contestant uses 30 seconds to answer quickly, and can answer up to 10 questions, and score points according to the correct number of questions. 10 points for each question.
After fierce competition, Chen Ke and Wang Xiuling of the big pharmacy won the first and second place respectively, and directly advanced to the national finals to be held at the end of December.