Jinhua pharmaceutical company to create quality sales team

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In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of the salesmen and ensure the completion of the annual sales target, in 2014, Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company made use of the existing sales network to strengthen management and avoid operational risks.
At the beginning of the year, the company signed an economic responsibility letter with the sales directors of various regions, and formulated a series of assessment indicators including monthly sales, payment return rate, return management, bill check, hospital dynamics, customer situation maintenance and travel attendance management. The monthly assessment amount of each indicator was quantified, the sales bottom mark of each region and the business commission for completing various targets were published, and the salesman signed up to participate in the bidding independently, in order to mobilize and motivate the subjective initiative of the salesman, to create a high sense of responsibility, high efficiency, a sense of ownership of the sales team.
After more than half a year of operation, through the joint efforts of all salesmen, the performance of the three sales departments of hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine and terminals under the wholesale division has been greatly improved compared with 2013. Shao Zhenhua of the hospital sales department and Chen Qunfang of the terminal sales department have achieved good results.
Shao Zhenhua of the hospital sales department is a simple and honest and shy post-90s generation. He took over the Pan 'an market in March. At first, everyone was a little worried. The mountains in Pan 'an area were scattered. It might take half a day to run two township hospitals because of the highway around the mountain. The previous accounts were difficult to reconcile due to factors such as long time and changes in personnel in the other unit. However, Shao Zhenhua took advantage of his young age and abundant physical strength, running from family to family, communicating with each other, and carefully checking every bill. After hard work, we have now sorted out the old accounts of many customers such as Pan'an People's Hospital and Pan'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While reconciling the accounts, he did not forget his business sales. Not only did he steadily increase the sales volume of the original 26 customers, but also added 4 new customers. By the end of August, the sales volume reached 10.6 million yuan, an increase of about 30% compared with 2013, and 70.69 of the annual sales target had been achieved.
Chen Qunfang of the terminal department bid for Yiwu and Lanxi markets. The former salesman resigned and left the company. She had to check a large number of customer bills. The company has more than 40 sales customers in Yiwu and Lanxi regions, with a wide range of points and a small monthly business volume. However, Chen Qunfang can actively contact and communicate with them, treat customers as friends and treat them sincerely. Through unremitting efforts, she not only sorted out the accounts of her former salesmen, but also continued to increase the business volume of various sales outlets. The monthly sales volume remained at 160-1.7 million yuan, and 15 new customers were added. By the end of August, she had completed 69.47 of the annual sales volume.
There are still many salesmen who are responsible and able to bear hardships and stand hard work like Shao Zhenhua and Chen Qunfang in pharmaceutical companies. This is in line with the city pharmaceutical company's focus on improving the sales management system, strengthening implementation, introducing competition mechanisms, and giving full play to the subjective initiative of salesmen. It is inseparable. This cohesive, effective, efficient and harmonious sales team is the company's most valuable resource. They work together to create good results and lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the annual sales task.