Group company to carry out new employee induction training

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From August 27 to 29, more than 30 new employees attended induction training at the group headquarters. Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, Yu Jianhong, general manager, and relevant leaders gave lectures to enable new employees to fully understand the history of enterprise development and enterprise culture, learn enterprise rules and regulations, receive safety production and professional ethics education, so that new employees can understand the peak as soon as possible, integrate into the peak, and become a real peak person.
Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, gave the first lesson of induction training to new employees under the title of "how to grow together with the enterprise. He said that the key to the success of an enterprise lies in selecting, retaining, educating and employing people. The level of employees' professional quality, whether they have professional consciousness, morality, attitude, skills, knowledge and behavior, directly determines the development potential of the enterprise and employees. Therefore, enterprises like to be able to retain, have both ability and political integrity, have practical working ability, have a sense of responsibility, have team spirit, identify with corporate culture, do things conscientiously, and have compound talents of enterprises, workshops and teams in mind. Based on his own experience, Jiang Xiaomeng analyzed the success factors in life, the signs of a successful career, and the core elements of his personal career. He hopes that new employees will carefully examine themselves, know themselves, understand themselves, make objective self-assessments, and carefully evaluate the internal and external environment. The advantages and limitations of the company, cultivate good habits, formulate a reasonable personal vision, and be able to achieve "humility, awe, gratitude, and decency", based on their best ability, the best character, the greatest interest, the most favorable environment, so as to maximize the success of life.
Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, introduced the basic situation and development concept of the company from the four major sectors of cement, medicine, health and other industries. From the four stages of hard work, determined reform, diversified development and strategic adjustment, this paper describes the development process of peak 56 years. From the enterprise mission, vision, spirit, values, talent concept, business philosophy, work style and other contents, this paper systematically expounds the profound connotation of peak enterprise culture. He thanked the new employee for being able to choose the spike and identify with the spike. Yu Jianhong also explained how to establish correct values and career views, how to do a good job in personal career planning, and how to exercise self and growth. He pointed out that the peak is in a critical period of development and transformation, the company expects new employees to become the pillars of the peak as soon as possible, to realize the dream of a century of peak at the same time, to realize their own dreams.
In addition, Xiang Chongping, assistant to the general manager of the group company and manager of the human resources department, explained in detail the contents of the enterprise rules and regulations and the employee handbook for the new employees. Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party Committee of the pharmaceutical company, and Lou Weijin, head of the group's safety department, respectively taught professional ethics, safety knowledge and other contents.
During the training, the new employees also visited the company's exhibition hall and had a deeper understanding of the development history of the peak. The group's human resources department also presented each new employee with the book "Gift" by Spencer Johnson, the best seller list of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek.