And the military and civilian mayor visited Jinxi pharmaceutical factory

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On the morning of July 23, the deputy secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the mayor, the military and civilians, the relevant leaders of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee came to Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory for investigation.
Jiang Xiaomeng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, accompanied and his party to visit the comprehensive preparation workshop of Jinxi pharmaceutical factory. Jiang Xiaomeng made a report on the basic situation of the current peak pharmaceutical industry.
He emphasized that the current is a critical period for the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry. How to better integrate the traditional industrial model with the pharmaceutical economic market is a key consideration for pharmaceutical companies in the future. Subject. Medicine is an important pillar industry in Jinhua, and the municipal government will also give enterprises the greatest support according to the actual situation of pharmaceutical economic development.