Spike people help "five water co-governance"

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In order to actively respond to the call of action of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, provincial government, Jinhua municipal Party committee and municipal government for "five water governance", the party, industrial and youth league organizations of the group company actively advocated and seriously organized. From March 24 to 27, employees of all enterprises and golden hair company actively participated in the donation activity of "five water governance" and raised a total of 93427 yuan.
Water is the basis of production, the essential of ecology and the source of life. Carrying out the "five-water co-governance" (sewage treatment, flood prevention, drainage, water protection, and water saving) is a major decision and deployment made by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and it is also a major event related to the vital interests of the people. In order to take practical actions to create clear water and blue sky for our city, on March 21, the group company held a mobilization meeting attended by the leaders of the party, workers and regiments, and issued the initiative of "striving to be participants, practitioners, supervisors and propagandists of water control" to all employees, calling on leading cadres at all levels to set an example, and the majority of employees actively participate in the "five water governance" with practical actions ", to create a harmonious living environment for people and water, building a beautiful Jinhua to make positive contributions.
On the afternoon of March 24, the fund-raising activity took the lead in Jianfeng Building. Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and secretary of the party committee, Yu Jianhong, general manager, and other leaders took the lead in donating money. Cadres and workers from the group headquarters and units working in Jianfeng Building responded positively and actively participated. 25-27, the group company's "five water co-governance" fund-raising team successively went to qiubin factory, Jiangnan factory, peak cable, peak health technology, jinxi project construction base, international trade company, municipal pharmaceutical company, peak pharmacy, golden hair company and other units to raise funds. In order to facilitate the majority of employees to show love, in some units, donation boxes were also sent to the workshop posts, and employees gave their love generously.