The group company requires to create a safe, environmentally friendly and accident-free factory.

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In late March, the group company issued a document requesting to carry out activities to create safe, environmentally friendly and accident-free factories in subordinate enterprises.
The enterprises involved in the creation activities include all directly affiliated enterprises, Jinxi Factory of Pharmaceutical Company, Qiubin Factory of Pharmaceutical Company (including Jiangnan Factory), headquarters of Pharmaceutical Company and other enterprises to form an assessment unit. The activity starts from January 1, 2014, one year is a creation cycle, and the activity time is three years.
According to the requirements of the activity, the enterprises that meet the following conditions at the same time during the establishment cycle are the safety, environmental protection and accident-free factories of this period: the 1. safety and environmental protection management organization is sound, the safety responsibilities are put in place, the environmental protection management system is effectively implemented, and the emergency plans for all kinds of accidents are complete and controlled; 2. passed the assessment of safety standardization above level 3; 3. passed the ISO14000 environmental system certification; No industrial accidents (including traffic accidents) above level 10 in the 4; no fire and poisoning accident occurred in the 5.; no major pollution accident occurred in the 6. and no environmental penalty was imposed by the government. According to the specific situation of each subordinate enterprise, the 2. three or two articles are not mandatory for commercial enterprises.
Enterprises participating in the creation activities can declare to the group company after reaching the above standards for a complete year. If any incident occurs during the activity, the cycle will be recalculated from the date of the incident. After the application materials have been verified by the relevant departments of the group company, those who really meet the conditions will be rewarded. The reward is progressive and will be cashed in years. 10000 yuan will be awarded for reaching the standard in the first year, 20000 yuan will be awarded for reaching the standard in the second year in a row, and 40000 yuan will be awarded for reaching the standard in the third year in a row. Directly affiliated enterprises directly reward the relevant personnel of enterprise safety and environmental protection management, 20% of the reward amount of the subordinate enterprises of the pharmaceutical company shall be handed over to the pharmaceutical company for distribution, and the rest shall be awarded to the relevant personnel of the enterprise.
The creation of safe, environmentally friendly and accident-free factories is a new measure to promote the long-term stable development of enterprises and protect the rights and interests of employees and enterprises. The company hopes that all enterprises will seriously organize publicity and education work and actively participate in the creation activities. The company will also organize the exchange of safety and environmental protection experience in due course to improve the creation effect.