Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was selected as the top ten most growing enterprises in China's pharmaceutical industry.

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In the "2013 China Pharmaceutical Annual Power List" selection activity guided by the CFDA Southern Institute of Pharmaceutical Economics and sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Economic News, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was successfully selected into the "2013 China Pharmaceutical Annual Power List --- Top Ten Most Growing Companies in China's Pharmaceutical Industry".
In order to commend the enterprises and practitioners who made significant contributions to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in 2013, and encourage them to continue to make progress and innovate for the development of the industry; at the same time, it is also to comprehensively analyze the development status of the pharmaceutical industry and make a review of the development situation in the coming year. provide theoretical support and suggestions for the pharmaceutical industry workers to formulate strategies and development plans. Guided by the CFDA Southern Institute of Pharmaceutical Economics, the Pharmaceutical Economic News hosted the "2013 China Pharmaceutical Annual Power List" selection activity. The organizer took several months of precise planning and organization, and joined dozens of mainstream media, securities industry analysts, industry experts, and well-known corporate marketing managers. After comprehensive and detailed screening, a total of 2013 China's pharmaceutical industry was selected. There are many awards such as figures, top ten new figures, top ten most influential companies, top ten most growing companies, and top ten most potential listed companies. With its solid corporate foundation, huge growth potential, amazing growth rate, and continuous innovation to maintain competitive vitality and strong vitality, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has successfully selected the top ten most growing companies.
As an influential annual selection event in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, the China Pharmaceutical Annual Power List has been gaining popularity and influence day by day after 9 years. With the continuous expansion of the selection vision, it has now been upgraded to the authority of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry selection, representing The highest level of China's pharmaceutical industry. The selection of China Pharmaceutical's annual power list has been based on a comprehensive and authoritative style, fully integrating resources inside and outside the industry, and striving to make the list a weather vane for the new pattern of pharmaceutical competition in the future.