The group's annual work meeting will arrange the work for the new year.

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On January 26, the group company held the 2014 work conference to review and summarize the work in 2013, deploy the work for the new year and put forward requirements.
Before the official start of the meeting, Jiang Xiaomeng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, gave a brief interpretation of the relevant reports of the third Plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the Central Economic work Conference, and the first meeting of the leading Group for deepening Reform. I hope that managers at all levels will seriously understand the spirit of the meeting and its impact on the national economy and market environment, change ideas, update ideas, and seriously think about future work.
At the meeting, the heads of professional companies, directly affiliated enterprises and functional departments reported on the work in 2013, analyzed the problems, put forward solutions and put forward the work plan for 2014. Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, comprehensively summarized the highlights of the work and the completion of the indicators of each enterprise, focused on analyzing the problems existing in the work, and put forward the business objectives and main management measures for 2014.
Yu Jianhong said in his speech that from the overall situation, although the development speed, asset profitability, and per capita profit-making ability of the company's two main businesses have improved significantly in recent years, there is still a big gap compared with advanced enterprises in the same industry; management Innovation ability and execution ability need to be improved; the shortage of talents restricts the further development of enterprises; the evaluation and assessment of management personnel also need to be strengthened. Due to their own conditions and different environments, the subordinate enterprises also have different problems in operation and management, but in the final analysis, innovation and implementation are not done well. He proposed that in 2014, it is necessary to grasp the changes in the economic situation in a timely manner, capture strategic opportunities, and strengthen the development of the main business; do a good job in project construction and lay a solid foundation for future development; adjust product development models and improve development capabilities; grasp business models, management systems, Work methods and other aspects, comprehensively grasp management innovation; start with system construction, plan implementation, inspection and assessment, etc., strengthen execution; optimize and adjust the organizational structure, re-assign posts, staff, and responsibilities to make the corporate organizational structure adapt to the company's development strategy and social development requirements; strengthen risk control in the business process; further improve the safety and environmental protection management system, strengthen training, and conduct management with a "zero tolerance" attitude; All production and business units must further improve quality, reduce costs, and expand the market.
At the meeting, Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng analyzed the current market environment and future trends faced by the company's various industries. While affirming the serious and responsible work of managers at all levels, he also pointed out the existing problems. He said that at present, the quality of the management teams of various enterprises needs to be improved, and the problem of disconnection of management backbones at all levels is prominent; the inertial thinking and inert thinking of management backbones are serious, and the innovation ability, urgency, and sensitivity are not enough, which is not conducive to the development of the enterprise; the incentive mechanism is backward and cannot fully mobilize The enthusiasm of employees; with the continuous standardization of management, management costs continue to increase; in recent years, ignoring the market, the policy environment of the study of pre-judgment.
When talking about his views on the next stage of work, Jiang Xiaomeng pointed out that an enterprise without dreams and goals will not make progress, and an enterprise with only dreams but no action will also not make progress. The development of an enterprise depends on continuous competitiveness. In addition to hard power and soft power, it must also have smart power and cannot be reckless. Therefore, enterprise managers should change their concepts and ideas, seriously study how to do a good job, how cement enterprises can obtain benefits in cooperation and competition, how the pharmaceutical industry can gain advantages in bidding and medical insurance, how to effectively upgrade existing products through innovative research and development, how to smoothly realize the transformation of bonded warehouse and communication cable industry, how to turn the blueprint into reality step by step in the health products sector, and how to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, etc, these are all issues that require serious consideration by managers. Jiang Xiaomeng said that the competition in the 21st century is the competition of organizational quality. Managers at all levels of the peak must clarify their work goals, scientifically formulate and implement work plans, continuously improve their own quality, seize advantages in future competition, and promote the continuous progress of the peak business.
The management of the group company, professional companies and subordinate enterprises, directly affiliated enterprises, and heads of functional departments and offices of the headquarters attended the meeting.