Change of Party Committee of Pharmaceutical Company

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On the afternoon of October 10, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company held a party member congress. 50 party member representatives from various units of the pharmaceutical company attended the meeting and elected members of the new party committee.

Jin Huazhong, secretary of the party committee of the pharmaceutical company, made a work report on behalf of the previous party committee. He summarized the achievements of the party committee of the pharmaceutical company in the past five years from the aspects of strengthening party organization building, system building, team building, party style building, promoting enterprise development, and enhancing corporate brand influence. In the past five years, under the conditions of strict management of the pharmaceutical industry, continuous deepening of the new medical reform, frequent industry policies, and fierce competition, the party committee of the pharmaceutical company has closely focused on the central work of economic construction, strengthened the leadership of party building, and played the role of the party organization as a battle fortress and all party members. The vanguard and exemplary role of the company has achieved good economic and social benefits. The party committee of the pharmaceutical company is also organizing all party members to strengthen theoretical study and improve the political accomplishment of party members; carry out various "theme" education activities to temper the party spirit of party members; care about the lives of employees and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise; the party work group is working together to manage and build a harmonious enterprise A lot of work has been done in other aspects, and good results have been achieved. The report also puts forward suggestions on the work of the new party committee in terms of strengthening theoretical study, carrying out education on the theme of "not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission", giving full play to the political core role of the party committee, strengthening the construction of the talent team, and strengthening the cooperation of the party working group.

After voting by party representatives and differential elections, Huang Jinlong, Jin Huazhong, and Shen Quan were elected as members of the new party committee. The first meeting of the new party committee members held subsequently elected Jinhua as party secretary.

Qin Xuping, member of the Party committee of the group company and chairman of the trade union, attended the meeting on behalf of the Party committee of the group. In his speech, he asked the members of the new Party committee to fully understand the importance of doing a good job in Party building in the new era; carefully organize and carry out the theme education of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission"; closely focus on the central work of the enterprise and give full play to the political leading role of the Party organization; Strengthen theoretical study, put the learning party organization into practice; innovate work ideas and continuously expand new areas of party building work.

Huang Jinlong, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of the group company, member of the party committee and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, said in his concluding speech that the new party committee will, under the leadership of the party committee of the group, conscientiously study the relevant spirit of the central government and superiors, and carry out all kinds of work in the light of the actual situation of the enterprise. At the same time, he also put forward six hopes, hoping that party members will strengthen the study of political theory, improve their political quality, and become qualified party members; strengthen the construction of party organizations at all levels and give full play to the role of the core fortress; be brave in practice, dare to take responsibility, and do their own work well. Contribute to the steady development of the enterprise; be good at contacting the broad masses of employees, caring about their thinking, work and life, and constantly enhance the enterprise cohesion and centripetal force; strengthen the study of laws and regulations and advanced technical knowledge, and constantly improve their own professional quality to meet the needs of enterprise development; manage their own team, build a team of high-quality and skilled staff and cadres, and realize the dream of "a century of peak.

After the meeting, the Party committee of the pharmaceutical company also organized representatives of Party members to watch the film "me and my motherland" dedicated to the 70th birthday of new China.