Group Companies Commend 2013 Advanced

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On the afternoon of January 27, the group company held the 2013 annual summary commendation meeting to commend and reward the advanced collectives and outstanding individuals of the year, summarize the overall work situation of the company in the previous year, and put forward the work measures for 2014.
Qin Xuping, member of the Party committee of the group company and chairman of the trade union, presided over the meeting and read out the relevant documents of advanced recognition. In 2013, 17 collectives and 35 individuals with outstanding work performance won the honors of advanced enterprises, advanced workshops (departments and offices), excellent management workers and excellent employees respectively. In a warm and cheerful atmosphere, the leaders of the group company presented awards to the winners. Zhang Fengliang, representative of advanced enterprises and general manager of daye peak cement company, Yuan Xianming, representative of outstanding management workers and deputy general manager of daye peak cement company, Hu Chuanli, representative of outstanding salesmen and salesmen of Yunnan peak cement company, Tong Xiaojun, representative of outstanding employees and director of comprehensive preparation workshop of peak pharmaceutical Jiangnan pharmaceutical factory, etc. took the stage to speak respectively, sharing the work results and experiences of the past year, he expressed his determination to cherish honor, seek further progress, and make new contributions to the peak cause.
At the summary and commendation meeting, Yu Jianhong, general manager of the group company, reported to the conference on behalf of the management team on the work summary in 2013 and the work measures in 2014 on the topic of "seizing strategic opportunities, strengthening management innovation, paying close attention to execution ability and promoting sustained and rapid development of the enterprise. The report briefly reviews the operating performance of various professional companies and directly affiliated enterprises in 2013, and the implementation of key investment projects is progressing smoothly; basic management has been strengthened, and corporate efficiency has been continuously improved; new product development has been steadily advanced, and technological transformation has achieved remarkable results; marketing has been highlighted, Product sales have increased significantly; financing channels have been effectively expanded, and fund management has been further improved; safety and environmental protection management responsibilities have been further strengthened, the safe operation of the enterprise has been realized. To promote improvement through training, and constantly establish and improve the personnel training and assessment mechanism; The rich and colorful activities of the party, labor and league have effectively promoted the construction of corporate culture and other aspects, summarizing and reviewing the overall work of the company in 2012. Yu Jianhong briefly analyzed the economic situation and industry development trend in 2014. He pointed out that 2014 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and comprehensively deepen the reform. It is also a year when China's economic development is facing a complex and severe situation rarely seen in recent years. Therefore, 2014 is a year full of variables, difficulties and opportunities, and it is also a year worthy of attention and expectation. Looking at the situation faced by various business sectors in 2014, the company has determined that the general work policy for 2014 is "innovative management, strong implementation, seize opportunities and promote development". Around this policy, we must do the following key tasks: seize historical and strategic development opportunities and actively promote the rapid development of various business sectors; strengthen management innovation, promote the in-depth development of various management measures, and comprehensively improve the management level; grasp Work focus, break through weak links, and improve profitability; continue to do a good job in project construction management to ensure the realization of expected benefits; improve scientific research organization, improve incentive mechanism, strengthen product development and technological innovation; strengthen safety and environmental protection management to ensure safe and stable production; strengthen human resource development and management, establish effective talent training, selection, appointment and incentive mechanisms; strengthen corporate execution culture construction, and enhance corporate core motivation.
Jiang Xiaomeng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the group company, fully affirmed the report of the general manager on behalf of the board of directors, and hoped that the management personnel and advanced representatives at all levels would fully understand the spirit of the report, set an example, and do a solid job in various work, so as to contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the peak.
At the meeting, Yu Jianhong also signed the 2014 production and operation management responsibility letter on behalf of the group company with subordinate enterprises such as Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, Daye Jianfeng, Yunnan Jianfeng, Jianfeng Biology, Jianfeng Cable, and Jianfeng International Trade.